2-Day Conference: 28th & 29th March 2017

Smart Substations • Next Generation SCADA • Packet Telecoms

1-Day of Workshops: 30th March 2017

IEC 61850 • CIM Model • Cyber-Security

28th - 30th March 2017 | Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands

Conference Programme

Conference Day One: Tuesday 28th March 2017

Registration and refreshments

Opening address from the Chair
Bas Kruimer, Senior Manager, Smart Grid Services - Accenture

Regulation - understanding the implications of new European regulation and market models for smart utilities and the digital transformation
Peter Hermans, CTO - Stedin

Future Grid - determining how IoT can best be leveraged to drive reliable, secure and cost-effective next generation grid design, operation and maintenance
Nicola Cammalleri, Technical Manager, Network Components Standardization of Global I&N - Enel

Big Data - leveraging big data management and analytics to drive operational excellence in the next phase of utility digital transformation
Robin Hagemans, Manager Data & Insights - Alliander

Morning refreshments, networking & exhibits

Cloud - establishing a framework for utilising cloud services for mission critical digital grid applications
Aurélio Blanquet, Director of Networks Digital Platform - EDP Distribuição

Cyber-Security - achieving ubiquitous levels of cyber and physical security in the transition to the digital grid
Paraskevi Kasse, Network & Information Security Officer - ENISA

Digital Transformation - a holistic approach to digitization of utility system operations through effective data management
Theo Borst, Head of Section - Energy - DNV GL

Lunch, networking & exhibits

Track 1
Smart Substations

Track 2
Next Generation SCADA

Track 3
Packet Telecoms

Bas Kruimer, Senior Manager, Smart Grid Services - Accenture
Jeroen Fidder, Smart Grid Management Consultant - Accenture
Menne Bos, Senior Principal Network Technology - Accenture

Next Generation Substations - developing a high functionality low cost smart substation concept to drive the next phase of the utility digital transformation
Anders Johnsson, Power System Specialist - Vattenfall Eldistribution
SCADA Fit for the Future - optimal SCADA meets the demands of a fast evolving dynamic digital grid environment and changing the decentralize playfield
Marko Kruithof, Manager Sustainability & Renewables - Stedin


Business Case - establishing the business case for implementing an all-IP telecom network to fully support the changing demands of the smart grid
Auke Huisman, Programme Director, Smart Grid Solutions - Joulz

Cost Reduction - identifying opportunities for reducing costs in the implementation and operation of smart substations
Ott Antsmaa, Distributed Energy Manager - Elektrilevi OÜ
Next Generation Architectures - establishing the optimal SCADA system architecture to meet the demands of a fast evolving dynamic digital grid environment
David Kirkland, Digital Grids Business Development Director - GE Energy Connections
Organisational Structures - optimising the departmental structure, team profile, skills development and compensation to ensure operational performance and effective implementation and maintenance of your all-IP utility network
Luke Seewald, Director of Customer Service and Metering - London Hydro

HV/MV Substation Design - optimising the design and implementation of process bus based primary substations in the transmission network
Cristina Fundulea, Project Engineer, Transmission Operations Technical Support - SP Energy Networks
SCADA Integration - overcoming the challenges of integrating SCADA with EMS/DMS, OMS, GIS and corporate systems to leverage advanced system functionalities and capabilities
Ivo Kuijlaars, Consultant - DNV GL


Network Design - forecasting future service requirements and determining the optimal all-IP network design to ensure network reliability, security and scalability 
Jürgen Tusch, Head of Telecoms - Innogy

Afternoon refreshments, networking & exhibits

Centralised Protection & Control - maximising monitoring and control functionality and efficiency whilst minimising operations, maintenance and upgrade costs
Bengt Almgren, Head of Regional Networks - Ellevio
LV Monitoring - comparing the potential of SCADA with other technologies for achieving extensive grid visibility and control
Michel Acacia, Senior Expert, ICT & Secondary Systems - Elia
Migration Planning - determining the most cost-effective migration path from legacy to an all-IP telecom network to ensure seamless transfer of services and maximum uptime
Oleg Gulich, Smart Grid Project Manager - Caruna

System Planning - leveraging substation data to support effective system analysis, planning, and investment decisions
Benoit de Neuville, Senior Grid Expert - Sibelga
Advanced Functionalities - identifying and prioritising the use of next generation SCADA functionalities to fully support the digital grid
Stefan Straubinger, Electrical Engineer - Salzburg Netz
Pre-Design Specifications - translating domain specific requirements into a cohesive and standardised set of telecom applications and techniques to ensure a future-proofed and cost-effective all-IP telecom network design strategy
Amadou Louh, Consultant, Intelligent Networks and Communication - Power System Operation - DNV GL

Roundtable discussions - during this session the audience breaks out into several smaller working groups, each focused on a specific theme that arose during the day’s presentations. Each working group will comprise of representatives of the entire smart grid technical community to ensure a well-rounded and holistic discussion. Key issues raised and solutions proposed will be collated for presentation to the wider group at the end of the session.

Evening networking reception - time to relax and unwind after an intensive day of presentations and discussions! All participants are invited to join this networking reception where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of colleagues from across the European smart grid technical community.

Close of conference day one

Conference Day Two: Wednesday 29th March 2017

Registration and refreshments

Welcome back from the Chair

Cyber Security - identifying smart grid vulnerabilities and implementing a cost-effective cyber security programme to address these
Philip Westbroek, DSO Security Officer - Enexis
Data Analytics - embedding advanced data management and analytics capability within SCADA systems to support both real-time and non-real-time decisions and actions
Jan Vorrink, Manager National Control Centre, Systems Operations - TenneT
SCADA - establishing an all-IP telecom network that fully supports the big data management and analytics demands of next generation SCADA systems -
Sergio Ramos Pinto, Assistant Director, Networks Digital Platform - EDP Distribuição

Renewables Substations - developing a robust, resilient and future proofed smart substation concept to support the rapid deployment of renewables and distributed energy
Ernst Wierenga, Technologist, Protection, Control & Telecommunication - TenneT
CIM Model - leveraging CIM to support the integration, interoperation and rapid flow of multiple streams of data within and through SCADA systems
Miloš Bunda, Senior Consultant - TenneT


Smart Meters - achieving high levels of security and reliability for smart meter data transfers, moving toward real-time
Marco Leenen, Security Officer - Utility Connect
Ed van der Pijl, Enterprise Architect - Stedin

Outage Management - exploiting the full potential of real-time substation data for fault detection, isolation and restoration to ensure system reliability and stability
Ranko Stojakovic, Head of Grid Operations - Stedin
Anne van der Molen, Expert Asset Management, Grid Strategy - Stedin
Cloud - utilising cloud services to deliver advanced data management and analytics to support next generation SCADA systems
Branka Rakic, Principal Systems Architect - OSI

Branka Rakic, Principal Systems Architect - OSI
, Vice President of Business Development - SUBNET



IP over Radio - maximising the reliability and security of IP over radio and wireless networks 
Frank Visser, Telecommunications Architect - Alliander

Morning refreshments and exhibits

Substation Technology Innovation Panel - during this session leading tech innovators will share their vision for the smart substation market, present their product innovation plans, and provide you with the opportunity to influence their development direction to better meet your implementation needs.
Bastian Fischer, CEO - Locamation
Roberto Candela, CEO - Prysmian Electronics
Dave Dolezilek, International Technical Director - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Mark Clemens, Technical Product Manager - COPADATA
SCADA Technology Innovation panel - during this session leading tech innovators will share their visions for the SCADA market, present their product innovation plans, and provide you with the opportunity to influence their development direction to better meet your implementation needs.
Alexander Krauss, Senior Business Development Manager, Control Centre Technology - Siemens
Paulo Viegas, Product Manager - EFACEC
Prof Antonello Monti, Director of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems - E.ON Energy Research Centre, RWTH Aachen University
Simon Rodriguez, Vice President of Business Development - SUBNET



Packet Telecom Technology Innovation Panel - during this session leading tech innovators will share their visions for the packet telecom market, present their product innovation plans, and provide you with the opportunity to influence their development direction to better meet your implementation needs.
Dominique Verhulst, Director of Sales Engineering, Vertical Markets - Nokia
Francis Baestaens, Business Development Manager - OTN Systems
David Stokes, Senior Manager, Portfolio Marketing - ECI Telecom

Lunch, networking and exhibits

Communication Mix - identifying the optimal mix of telecommunications media to support the cost-effective deployment of digital substations in a variety of environments
Frank Bodewes, Telecom Consultant - Enexis
Network Investment - leveraging SCADA capabilities to make accurate network planning, operation and investment decisions
Lieven Degroote, Head of Distribution Operations Centre - Eandis
Tele-Protection - overcoming the jitter, security and encryption challenges of all-IP networks to fully support tele-protection services
Steven Blair, Research Fellow University of Strathclyde

Functionalities - going beyond outage management, establishing a roadmap for future substation features and functionalities to fully support the digital grid
Séamus Keena, Electrical Engineer - ESB International
Ronan Durkin, Electrical Engineer - ESB International
Customer Portal - defining the information level, user interface, and real-time capability of online customer portals and determining how SCADA can support this
Jarno Assen, Senior Manager, Digital - Accenture



Tele-Protection - leveraging MPLS to develop a deterministic all-IP telecom network that fully supports tele-protection services
Bram De Valck, Business Development for Critical Infrastructure Networks - Nokia

Maintenance Workforce for the Digital Age - overcoming the challenges and establishing best practices to drive the success of your field force through leveraging new digital technologies
Frank Olthuis, Digital Field Worker Technology Lead - Accenture
Automatic Controls Using WAMs - achieving intelligent fault detection, rebalancing and service restoration to maximise security of supply
Birkir Heimisson, Power System Engineer & System Operator - Landsnet hf
Network Management - identifying the operational challenges associated with a more dynamic all-IP telecom network and developing a network management framework to support this
Børre Jensen, Manager of Network Department - BKK Fibre

Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibits

Maintenance Workforce - strategies for cost-effective operation and maintenance of high volumes of complex multi-technology substations in the digital transition
Sönke Loitz, Team Manager Protection and Control - Netze BW
Wide Area Measurement - accurately measuring voltage and current phasors to achieve wide area situational awareness and real-time grid control
Antti-Juhani Nikkilä, Advisor, Power System - Fingrid


Cyber Security - identifying current and emerging risks to all-IP telecom networks and determining a solution that ensures high levels of security whilst preserving functionality
Jon LongstaffHead of Cyber Security - OMENTRIC Group

Cyber-Security - deploying advanced cyber-security measures within next generation SCADA systems whilst preserving functionality, flexibility and integration with other systems
Erwin Kooi, Information Security Architect - Alliander
Rick van Hees, Information Security Architect - Alliander
Public Telco Partnerships - showcasing new utility telco business models aimed at the long term reliability and security requirements of electric utilities, in particular through using networks in the 450 MHz frequency band
Erik Moll, Telecom Policy Advisor - Utility Connect & 450 Alliance

Chairman’s summary and close of conference day two

Workshops: Thursday 30th March 2017

Registration: 08:00
Programme Commences: 09:00
Lunch: 12:30-13:30
Programme ends: 16:00

Choose from 3 parallel workshops that enable you to deep dive into the crucial topics underpinning the long-term success of the smart grid; IEC 61850, CIM, Cyber-Security.

Fundamentals of IEC 61850
Led by:
Richard Schimmel
Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead
Fundamentals of CIM
Led by:
Edward Benning
Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead

Fundamentals of Utility Cyber-Security
Led by:
Glenn Janssen
Senior Manager, Security Consulting

Session 1
Introduction to IEC 61850 - key benefits, alternatives and implications for the utility engineer
CIM Overview - CIM Capabilities, Standardisation Developments and Conformance Testing

The Status of Cyber Security in Smart Grids - assessing the emerging points of grid vulnerability and complex cyber security challenges for smart grids and smart meter systems

Session 2
Data Modelling Fundamentals - the function of IEDs, Logical Nodes, and Data and Logical Node Groups
Laying the Foundations for CIM Migration - IT Infrastructures, Process Bus-based Architectures and Effective Interfaces

Regulatory Landscape - discussing the current state of European cyber security regulations and the implementation of effective cyber security policies and translating this into specific templates for the smart grid and smart metering industry

Session 3
Communication Fundamentals - Datasets, Reporting, Goose Object Oriented Events and Goose Repetition
CIM in the TSO - SCADA/EMS and Critical Information Exchange

Managing Security of Converged IT & OT - leveraging mature security management practices between IT and OT while appreciating technical and organizational differences

Session 4
Engineering Fundamentals - IEC 61850 engineering tools using the SCL language, IED configuration tool and system configuration tool
CIM in the DSO - SCADA/DMS and GIS System Integration

Disrupting Grid Protection - why the way you protect your grid must change

Session 5
Quality Assurance - how to specify IEC 61850 to ensure your automation system work effectively
CIM Technology Innovation - Uncovering the Latest Vendor Developments to Enable Interoperability

Cyber Security Technologies Forum - evaluating state of the art prevention and detection tools and technologies and identifying cost-effective and future proofed implementation and operation strategies

Session 6
Edition 2 and New Activities - further improvements, wider smart grid applications, and suitability for new domains
Question & Answer Session - the opportunity to reflect on the day’s discussions, present your questions and gain clarity on the complex issues explored

Panel Discussion - plenary discussion on technology forum


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